Unmanageable sticky notes

These few days I got few quotes that meaningful but I have no idea how and where to stick it permanently. Since my wallpaper’s* PC now become full after few new assignments from professor, thus I need to move them to other “fixed” part that cannot unintentionally removed. Hence I decide to put here, my lovely virtual room, just pick arbitrarily which one you need.

”Seorang ksatria adalah mereka yang berani meninggalkan tuntutan nafsu karena landasan takwa.” (Imam Ahmad bin Hambal)

”Arahkanlah hidupmu untuk selalu mencari balasan akhirat. Sedikit yang kamu peroleh dari dunia, maka sedikit pula hisabmu di akhirat.”(Imam Ahmad bin hambal)

“those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.” (Kakashi Sensei)

Ali RA : “keburukan yang membuatmu sakit masih lebih baik daripada kebaikan yang membuatmu ujub”.

why I really like reading documentation prior to code, it gave me myriad of insight. (K)

*I harness sticky notes provided by windows 7


26. January 2011 by Mr.K
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