To be sincere, I just want to end up all these episodes. Again nobody can guarantee whether these 2 last steps will close the curtain of these two years journey, again nobody know. Thereby, I never want to focus on uncertainty that what human promised, but I just want to convince every latest steps are well accepted by him, my God.

To be sincere, All preparations have been made, we’ve designed all these things carefully, and again nobody knows whether subsequent month would be the fiercest battle on this degree.

To be sincere, regardless what other saying, what weather predicting, what season judging or what temptation gradually approaching, no one can stop, no one can leave me without any reasonable matters… to be sincere, the fiercest battle has begun, and insyaALLAH undoubtedly, you’ll be mine ^^.

[Abstract, please do not try to interpret from one side, since you’ll be incorrect and don’t ask me to rectify it.. 😀 ]

[K-TSS (Tulisan Selang Seling) super abstrak]

19. April 2012 by Mr.K
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  1. …one step closer to graduation…
    …one step closer and closer to the Creation of Life….


  2. Score of abstract-posting interpretation will be 50% of accuracy 😀


  3. oops, i’m about to ask you to rectify it.
    since you say so, i wont interpret 😛

    *komen ikut ngabstrak

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