Somewhat Ongoing

Nobody will know when and what time their endeavor can be exactly accomplished. Nobody want to terminate their dream by just saying, I’m now giving up, no other way, time is running out and I should step down. Dream is much bigger than what you’re now doing, no matter place and environment at this time, dream wouldn’t be here now. If you dream, it’s still untouchable and that’s why so many people struggle on it and stick with it in every moment, even every single moment on their recent activities.

Dream is not about yesterday, but one of thinker said, it’s all about today. If you are now drawing your dream and work on track, probably your dream is coming soon. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be reached straightforwardly. What you do today, will represent how fast and ready yourself embracing dream.

Struggling, is not enough. I do realize, the key point is frequent evaluation of what you’re now struggling on. If struggling is valuable at your defined-stage, it means you’re now on track. Otherwise, don’t give up, modify your dream means the real dream is now missing and wanna embracing you soon.

“Embracing Dream”, so abstract ^^.

04. January 2014 by Mr.K
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