Jabbering inward

As a matter of fact, there are few parts inside my body, just suppose it encompasses touchable part and the remainder of it, namely untouchable part. This night they are jabbering inside my body and unintentionally I’m hearing it:

touchable part(T): hey K could you expedite your work as well as vigorously?

Untouchable part(U): why?, is there any matter that may be bothersome?, don’t interrupt me please!

T: you seem to be lazy, sleepy, exhausted and also put myriad of concerns prior to finish these jobs.

U: Fiuhhh, as you see my comrade, I’m tired and my sincerest apology to say this, but you are the cause of such these obstacles.

T: What?, could you be more specific?

U: Sure, you force your unprecedented opportunities throughout this day, you forced me to lack of sleep, you played football, you swallowed only noodle for lunch and now you want me to accomplish all these matters vigorously?

T: My sincerest apology either my comrade, please go home now, and take some times to take a rest. I exclaim!

U: Hope, I can 😀 , it’s still 11pm, you force me to sleep?, what a nuisance commandment….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

[K in imaginary moment]

09. March 2011 by Mr.K
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Comments (2)

  1. Wow, what a wonderful imagination akh…he2
    But, nice picture akh. May I to share?

  2. Silakan akh, memang gambarnya lebih menarik dari tulisannya..hehe.
    Gambarnya juga dapat di google images semoga tidak melanggar piracy krn gak ada watermark dan semacamnya 😀 .

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